Renters Insurance in Texas

Why Do You Need Renters Insurance in Texas?

You may think you don’t need renter’s insurance in San Antonio, TX because you are covered by your landlord’s policy. The main reason to get renters insurance is to protect your stuff. The belongings inside the rental belong to you and are probably important to you. Even just replacing clothes after a disaster can put a huge dent in your savings.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Texas?

Not every policy in San Antonio, TX will be the same but there are some things that renter’s insurance will generally cover.

Personal Property: Renters insurance will help replace belongings after covered incidents in the home, such as burglary or fire. You can be surprised to find out just how much everything in your home is worth when you add it up. The average renter can own about $20,000 in personal property so you want to stay covered. Renters insurance will also protect your belongings anywhere in the world. Some policies will provide coverage that considers depreciation. For example, if your sofa is 10 years old then you won’t get that much money for it. Replacement coverage is needed if you want to get the most for your belongings.

Personal Liability: If you are sued because someone gets hurt in your apartment or because you accidentally injure someone or damage someone's property, this insurance can provide liability coverage for the legal costs. The limits will vary so check with an agent at Ellis Insurance Agency to see what the limits are on your policy.

Medical Payments: Renters policies can cover medical payments up to a certain limit. However, it doesn’t cover injuries to you or other members of the household.

Additional Living Expenses: If you can’t stay at your place due to a covered incident then your renter's insurance can help you pay for a place to stay and other expenses.

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