EIA Insider: Playing Catch-Up

We wanted to take this moment to catch you up on what’s been happening around EIA since we launched our new website. We want to make sure you’ve checked out the Client Center and our new Live Chat feature. We have a couple of new team members, so be sure to introduce yourself by checking out their bios. We are wrapping up our latest community fundraiser for CISSA’s Stuff the Bus and are blown away by your support. Keep reading on for more!

New Website

How are you enjoying the new website? Have you checked it out yet? We are very excited about the Client Center. You can view your insurance policies, print your insurance ID cards, update your information, and download documents. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please click HERE to login and find all of your information.

We just launched our Live Chat feature that will be available for a few hours a day every week. When the chat is offline, you can still submit your question(s) for a quick response! You can find that feature located on the bottom right corner of our website on every page.

New Faces

We are happy to welcome Michael McGruder and Pam Guillen to the EIA Family. Please take a moment to get to know them by clicking on their picture.

Stuff the Bus

Thank you to everyone who helped support our Stuff the Bus Fundraiser. We exceeded our goal by over $250! There is still time to donate. The fundraiser closes on August 31, 2021. CISSA’s goal was to raise $225,000 this year and we are so happy to help that happen. Click on the image below to still donate today!

Referral Winners – May/June

Don’t forget: For every referral you send to us, your name is entered in to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card for that month! You can catch up on our last 2 winners below! Thank you for trusting Ellis Insurance Agency – We love our clients! Stay tuned for July’s winner!

May Referral Winner!
June Referral Winner!

Labor Day Hours

We will be closed on Monday, September 6th in observance of Labor Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, September 7th at 9 a.m. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for choosing Ellis Insurance Agency – We love our clients!

Do I Have Enough Accident Coverage?

There are many types of auto insurance coverage options available, which leave many wondering if they have enough accident coverage. The experts at Ellis Insurance Agency understand the need for accident insurance and do not want San Antonio, TX, residents wishing they had more coverage after an accident. When shopping for an insurance policy, make sure to discuss your options with your insurance agent and ensure you have enough coverage in the event of an accident. 

Below are the different coverage options you will benefit from having when in an accident:

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage pays for the damage caused to someone else’s property and injuries when you are at fault. For example, if you caused an accident and are sued for the damage, this policy covers your court costs and legal defense. Additionally, liability coverage pays for the other person’s medical bills, lost wages, and compensates for pain and suffering. 

Collision Insurance

This coverage pays for the damages caused to your vehicle after being in an accident with another car or object or in the event of a rollover. 

Medical Payments

This coverage, often called personal injury protection, pays for medical bills and funeral expenses when the policyholder is injured in an accident. This policy may also provide coverage for lost wages and other related costs associated with the accident. 

Uninsured Motorist

This policy covers you if you are hit by a driver who does not have insurance coverage or enough insurance coverage to pay for your damages. 

Do not wait to discover you do not have enough San Antonio, TX, accident insurance coverage. Instead, call the experts at Ellis Insurance Agency today to learn about the different coverage options and which one is best for your needs. 

How Old Is Your Roof?

When it comes to your roof, age matters at claim time.

Over the past several years, with increasing hail and wind storms, insurance companies have begun to automatically assign a Roof Schedule for roofs that are 15 years and older with Actual Cash Value (ACV) coverage instead of the recommended Replacement Cost Value (RCV) coverage.  In many instances, a lower premium may result, but you could get caught without sufficient financial resources when it comes to loss.

What’s the difference between ACV and RCV?

ACV: Your insurance company will pay the actual cash value of your roof at the time of a covered loss. This means the actual cash value minus your deductible amount minus the depreciation cost according to the age of your roof. Generally, the older your roof, the higher the amount depreciate or not covered under your policy.

RCV: Your insurance company will pay the replacement cost value of your roof at the time of a covered loss. This means the replacement cost value minus your deductible. There is no deduction for depreciation under the RCV valuation method.

In conclusion, the older the roof, the more deducted for depreciation. Do you know how old your roof is? If you know that your roof is 15 years or older, please let us know, we can tell you if your roof is covered at Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value.  If you have updated your roof, please let us know so we can add that to your policy.  This could be the difference in saving thousands of dollars in the case of wind or hail damage.

Please watch the video below for more information!