A First-time Buyer’s Guide to Boat Insurance

Owning a boat is more than a luxury item as it is a way of life. Still, your investment needs protection. 

Boat insurance is more detailed than other types of insurance. The policies vary in coverage as the agreement’s content can be puzzling. Ellis Insurance Agency in San Antonio, TX offers their knowledge and expertise to create a policy that gives a first-time buyer peace of mind.

What is Boat Insurance?

A standard boat insurance policy will protect your watercraft from damage caused by a sea accident, destroyed by fire, or struck by lightning. The coverage protects your wealth. Without boat insurance, you would be legally responsible for paying for all damages and injuries suffered in the accident. It would be quite an expensive endeavor that could bankrupt you. But boat insurance will cover all repairs, medical care, and legal fees for a potential lawsuit.

Liability Coverage is a Must-Have

Your boat insurance policy should have liability coverage that exceeds the amount required by state regulation. Usually, it comes in the form of property damage and bodily injury liability coverage. Each protects policyholders by paying for all damage to another person’s boat or property in an on-water accident because you were at fault. Also, liability coverage will pay all medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses.

Other Boat Insurance Coverage Options

Attaching additional coverage to your existing boat insurance policy is optional. But, it is wise to research and choose coverage options that further protect your watercraft. Collision coverage is a valuable addition if your boat is involved in an on-water accident. The addition covers the repairs and possible replacement of your boat. Salvage coverage assists when your boat is deemed unworkable and beyond repair. Most salvage companies request to be paid upfront before towing your boat away. The coverage pays for all expenses.

If you are unsure if boat insurance is needed to protect your watercraft, speak with Ellis Insurance Agency in San Antonio, TX. Our staff can assist in creating a policy that meets your boat insurance needs. Call and schedule an appointment today.