SafeCo Insurance – Wildfire Response Benefit

SafeCo’s new Wildfire Response Benefit comes with no additional costs. Read on to learn more about this (free) benefit and what it means for you.


Enrollment is completely free. It does not expire unless the customer requests or the policy is cancelled. There is absolutely no impact to your premium (no charge or discount) for this program.

All homeowner and Landlord Protection® policyholders within the designated wildfire states will receive a letter and opt-out form. There is currently no electronic opt in/out form. If you did not receive a form in the mail, please click HERE to download or feel free to contact Ellis Insurance Agency if you have any further questions.

Benefit and Partnership

Chloeta maintains a map of policies-in-force within the benefit footprint and monitors the area to determine wildfire proximity and threat level. The vendor makes operational decisions on which eligible properties are serviced and the types of services provided during a wild land fire response. Once safe access is secured, mitigation vendor services may include:

  • Removing pine needles and leaves from gutters
  • Removing flammable vegetation and items from around your home
  • Deploying a temporary sprinkler system to protect your home
  • Updating you regarding the status of your property and actions being taken to protect it
  • Applying a water-based gel* or firefighting foam to your home
  • Returning any combustible items moved and washing any fire gel or firefighting foam away after the wildfire event

*What is a protective gel barrier? “It’s an industry-leading, fire-preventing, and heat-absorbing fire-retardant gel that personnel may use to help protect your home and property. The gel particles adhere directly to a house or structure and quickly extinguish any flames or burning materials that come into contact with the gel. It creates a gelled water barrier that effectively helps protect a home or structure for several hours and may prevent internal combustion. It can be rehydrated to extend effectiveness, as needed. The gel is used as a last resort when fighting a fire. It is proven to be effective as it adheres to smooth surfaces such as glass.”


To learn more about the partnership, benefits, vendors, and/or policy, you can reach out to SafeCo’s Customer Service or visit

Don’t forget that you can always reach out to Ellis Insurance Agency for ANY questions about your policy and/or benefits.